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Product Design, UI Design, UX Design
Feb 2019 - Feb 2020

In my year at ProfitWell, I worked on several product features, creating a component library, and designing empty state illustrations.


Component Library

One of the main goals we had for the design team was to build a design system and create a components library. I began to collect the most used components across the web app and put them into a Sketch library. While doing this, we noticed many inconsistencies in different sections of the app and began a running list of updates we needed to make.


Segmentation 2.0

Segmentation was an underused feature of ProfitWell Metrics and we were looking to make it more usable for our customers. User feedback and research showed that our customers wanted to use custom categories and import their own data to enhance the existing data.

Research and Wireframing

The product team put together lists of needs and wants for Segmentation 2.0 and hit the whiteboard. We discussed what the priorities were, how we envisioned a MVP, and what the scope of the project was.

From there, I began creating a flowchart of the user journey. We ended up cutting many paths that didn't fit our project scope and creating wireframes based on this.


Thanks to our new component library, I was able to jump from wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes very quickly. We brought in engineers help us determine what was feasible and what was outside the scope.

User Testing

After testing our prototype internally, we felt ready to bring users to test. I created a series of tasks for users to complete to learn how usable our flow truly was.

Stephanie Irigoyen, Visual & Product Designer
Neel Desai, Product Manager
Alexander Hult, Product Advocate
Facundo Chamut, CPO

Final Version

After several rounds of user testing, we felt we had an MVP that we were ready to handoff to engineering. Check out the final prototype on Invision.

View Prototype


Empty State Design

Besides working on new features and components, I was able to create illustrations for empty states in the ProfitWell web app. I love combining illustration and user needs to create great experiences.